The Innovation Behind the Ammbr Mesh Router

Most people don’t spend a lot of time thinking about their internet routers. If they think about them at all, it’s as that boring little plastic box that has to be restarted when the internet goes out. That’s about to change. As more and more devices become IoT (internet of things) compatible, today’s humble home router will soon become the nerve center of a new, blockchain-ready innovation in networking technology.

For a preview of the future, look no farther than the Ammbr Mesh Router prototype. Don’t let the modular design fool you: The top “platter” of the Ammbr router does the same job as any other router, connecting nearby computers and devices to the internet. True, it has the incredible benefit of being a mesh networking router — a technology poised to reshape how people connect to the internet, and how they pay for it — but that’s perhaps the least innovative part of the design.

To understand Ammbr’s true potential, you need look no further than those additional platters. The base of the router unit, for instance, contains everything needed to incorporate blockchain technology into the system. This addition allows every Ammbr router owner to earn income — pain in AMMBR cryptocurrency — by opening up their network node to other users.

But this is just scratching the surface of Ammbr’s potential. The system is also built around a common communication bus, allowing additional, specialized platters to be easily integrated with the Ammbr unit. These components are held together magnetically, creating a secure, modular structure that can be upgraded simply by adding new platters.

While Ammbr is still in the prototype phase, several of these additional platters are currently being developed. The first priority is to increase networking options, and the current modules include:

  • Shorter range, higher throughput LTE-U (unlicensed)
  • Medium range Citizens Broadband Radio Service (CBRS)
  • Longer range Sub 1 GHz IoT and obstacle-penetrating spectrum
  • High frequency (unlicensed) communications

mesh router prototype externalAdditional modules for off-the-grid battery power, an essential tool in areas where mesh networking is most useful. In isolated areas without a power grid, or in places where power is unreliable, this battery module can provide “clean” energy and avoid electronics-destroying power spikes. Likewise, data storage modules are also in the works, enabling Ammbr users to easily implement distributed storage services such as Storj, Sia and Filecoin into their system.

These innovations offer only a brief glimpse into Ammbr’s game-changing potential. It’s the start of new era in networking. Ammbr is ready to provide a plug-and-play solution for truly multi-spectrum, multi-protocol, blockchain-enabled, revenue-generating, mesh networking anywhere it’s needed.