The Ammbr ShareTheNetwork Challenge

As we enter the final month of the Ammbr crowdsale, we are offering the Ammbr community the chance to win 2,000 AMR through our “#ShareTheNetwork” challenge.

There are 2 parts of this challenge campaign.

Part 1 – Create an account on (or log into), find our campaign at and claim the 3 #ShareTheNetwork campaigns:

  • Twitter #ShareTheNetwork Share – earn 40 AMR
  • Facebook #ShareTheNetwork Share – earn 40 AMR
  • Reddit #ShareTheNetwork Share – earn 40 AMR

You will earn 120 AMR total for completing all of these tasks


Part 2 – You will answer the challenge outlined below.

The Challenge

Simply put, we want to know how you would get other people to buy an Ammbr Router, as if you were a salesperson. How would you get your friends to join the network? Will you sell the router because of its blockchain capabilities? Is it the mesh networking technology that makes the Ammbr routers stand out? Or do you just think it’s a great way to change the world? Everyone has their own reasons for being part of our vibrant community and we want to hear your ideas on how to best appeal to others.

We’re looking for a unique approach that uses out-of-the-box thinking and appeals to our users or potential users. We will be rewarding every entrant to the challenge with 40 AMR. The user with the best pitch will be rewarded with 2,000 AMR tokens, that powers the Ammbr Mesh Network, which you will receive once our crowdsale ends.

Claim the “Answer the #ShareTheNetwork” Challenge here: . Then read and follow the instructions carefully. You will earn 40 AMR for completing this campaign and will be automatically entered for the grand prize for a total of 2,000 AMR tokens.

The grand prizes will be awarded as follows.

  1. The creativity of your Challenge Answer – 1,000 AMR
  2. The number of upvotes your post gets. So be sure tell your friends to vote for your answer. – 1,000 AMR

The same person can win all 2,000 AMR!

The contest will be running until 12 March 2019 at 0:00 (GMT-6) and we will announce the winner on 15 March 2019.

We can’t wait to hear back from our community on how you would sell Ammbr routers!