Ammbr Releases New Whitepaper

Our latest whitepaper has been published and we’re excited to provide details about what the Ammbr team has accomplished in recent months and the exciting times that lie ahead, including the upcoming crowdsale of our proprietary crypto asset, AMR.


Following our announcement of our partnership with Global Blockchain Mining Corp, the latest version of our whitepaper was published on 26 November. You can find the link to it here. The whitepaper provides details about a number of key factors that will determine the eventual success of our project.


We propose our solution to the Digital Divide and illustrate how we plan to address the disparity of Internet connectivity that causes it. The whitepaper also discusses how the Ammbr network will operate, how transactions will be conducted and we take a look at the three Ammbr Routers that will be going to market in the near future.


Finally, we have released new information about our upcoming crowdsale in January 2019.

We wish to thank our followers for all of their loyal support and we are eagerly anticipating the next phase of our project.