A view into the future and a seat at the table

Recently Derick Smith, Dean Bubley, and Dr. Arjuna Sathiaseelan from Ammbr sat down to discuss mesh technology, blockchain, computing at the edge and took a hands on look at an early Ammbr prototype router. They cover a lot of territory and address so many current challenges and future potential.

Arjuna summarizes at the end that: “This solves one of the biggest fundamental problems in terms of enabling universal connectivity, right, and I think Ammbr is well positioned to do that.”

When Blockchain Technology and Mesh Networking Collide

From the very start, blockchain technology was revolutionary. The concept alone is groundbreaking, with entirely new kinds of industry — cryptocurrencies, smart contracts, document verification — emerging within months of the original Bitcoin whitepaper’s publication. What has been less obvious, however, are the practical, day-to-day uses for blockchain technology.

Forget about the potential, the speculation, and the hype. What about a practical application for blockchain technology that actually works here and now? That’s easier said than done. We should know, because we’ve spent years building a blockchain-based system to solve a real-world problem. Continue reading “When Blockchain Technology and Mesh Networking Collide”